The Essentials of Cross-Channel Social Measurement

3 min read by tom 29 Aug 2014

Social Measurement

StrategiQ Examines the Importance of Cross-Channel Social Measurement

As the influence of social on the way in which we as marketers approach online communications continues to exponentially evolve, the importance of analysing each platform’s unique engagement measurements has never been so potent. Simply Measured, the company behind one of the most significant social measurement systems in the industry recently ran a webinar highlighting the importance of measuring social engagement across all platforms, but recognising the importance of how these correlated (Cross-Channel Social Measurement).

The messages conveyed by Simply Measured’s excellent webinar perfectly highlighted why measuring across multiple platforms has become a troublesome subject. With a standardisation of data across social channels proving illusive, marketers are unable to measure the data to matching standards, which in turn creates confusion as to which data should be considered the most significant and more importantly, relevant.

Simply Measured’s webinar highlighted the significant change in social media usage by highlighting the channels adopted by the Top 100 Brands. Unsurprisingly, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all scored 98% or above in terms of brand adoption, but with the likes of typically secondary social channels, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr also scoring highly, clearly a multi-platform social strategy is now the norm within the industry.

And so the webinar explored how social media professionals can work with the plethora of data associated with the multiple accounts that are now commonplace. Simply Measured championed the idea of simplifying the statistics and grouping them into data fields that applied to all channels, the example used during the webinar being Interactions and Amplifications.

The webinar also highlighted the importance of setting goals and baselines as well as comparing results within these accepted groups. Essentially, by analysing each profile based on its own merits and how these work against the standardised groups, marketers are able to identify strengths and weaknesses within each platform and optimise a strategy based on the results. Results can effectively be harvested for optimum content, timing and targeting, with an enhanced social presence being the ultimate goal.

The suggestion taken away from the webinar is that Cross-Channel Measurement is important to maintaining a complete social strategy, banishing any notion of a disjointed approach across individual and wholly disconnected platforms. We pleased to share the webinar with you in the video below.

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