Chris Green to Hold SEM Rush Webinar

2 min read by tom 24 Nov 2015

Cannibal SEM

Following on from his Brighton SEO talk on “Cannibal Content” Chris is due to give a Webinar with search engine marketing toolset providers SEM Rush, on “how to stop your website from eating itself”. Following in the footsteps of September’s session, this webinar will give attendees a chance to see Chris run the steps to combat content cannibalisation in more detail, and afterwards provide a chance for a question and answer session.

The session will take place on Thursday 3rd December at 19:00 UK Time – you can register now here

What Do Cannibals Have to do With my Website?

Cannibal Content

For those who don’t know, content cannibalisation is:

Content that causes a website to compete with itself within search. This could be duplicate (i.e. identical) content or more specifically “thematic duplication” which sees similar content causing problems for Google. The main reason this issue is so damaging is because Google struggles to determine which content to rank for the given search term, watering down the overall ranking potential those pages have.


Covering site content and technical SEO this can be a challenging issue to overcome on your website, however Chris’ rationale provides a logic process by which to address it.

You don’t have to wait until the webinar if you do have any questions surrounding Cannibals, SEO or anything to do with digital marketing. Get in touch with us here, or send us a message via twitter @StrategiQ or @chrisgreen87.



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