Cannibal Content – SIMS Masterclass Slides

2 min read by tom 13 May 2015

Cannibal Content

“Cannibalisation” is one of SEO’s most interesting sounding concepts, whilst this is possible due to the fact that it sounds like something else altogether it doesn’t detract from the fact that it can be a massive issue for a website – you need to get on top of it!

Cutting a long story short, cannibalisation is when parts of your site compete (eat) each other within search. When you have pages eating away at each other, this can cause the ranking/authority to be eaten away – potentially causing huge problems!

Below are the slides from last night’s SIMS Masterclass session on this very issue – and how to solve it!

It was a great session with some really good debate and discussion which followed – if you’re interested about learning more from some of the top digital marketing experts in the area, I’d highly recommend you register and make it to the future sessions.

Special thanks to Jon Earnshaw at Pi Datametrics who let me use some of his really strong examples of cannibalisation at work from his excellent BrightonSEO presentation in April.

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