BrightonSEO 2014 – A Year to Remember

3 min read by tom 16 Sep 2014


The StrategiQ Marketing team explore the best moments from this year’s conference

Returning from last week’s BrightonSEO, the StrategiQ Marketing team were pleased to have been part of what was an excellent conference, featuring some fantastic talks on a range of subjects by some of the industry’s leaders.

Our first talk of the day featured an exploration of the future of Google by Ian Miller, Search Director at Crafted Media. Ian’s talk really highlighted the power behind Google that has continued to drive the search company forward as the behemoth of industry that it has swiftly become known as. Key to Ian’s talk, was a discussion of the mammoth budget spent and continuing to be spent on new technologies including the amazing Skybox Imaging service costing $500million and providing a detailed HD live feed of an area, essentially a superior replacement for Google Earth.

BrightonSEO was home to a number of other fascinating talks, including Laura Crimmon’s ‘Breaking SEO out of Silos with PR & Marketing’, providing a unique perspective on the relationship between SEO and PR in modern marketing strategies. Laura’s talk identified the perception of spam that accompanies SEO to most outside of the community and the importance of showing them the value of search engine marketing. Exploring how PR and SEO should interact and the responsibility on SEO company’s to include PR professionals in their strategy, Laura’s talk was an excellent, insightful addition to the conference.

One of the StrategiQ team’s favourite speakers was Lukasz Zelezny, Head of Organic Acquisition at Lukasz spoke on the importance of Effective Visits, exploring how users who visit the site and leave rather than continuing (bounce rate) should be removed from analytic exploration of the site, thus providing more useable, effective data. Lukasz also highlighted a number of useful tools for keyword research, traffic tracking, data extraction and page optimisation. A regular BrightonSEO speaker, we look forward to seeing Lukasz at next year’s conference.

One of the final talks of the day provided a unique perspective on how we process numerical data. Adam Lofting, Metrics Lead from Mozilla discussed how the simple presentation of figures can become a major factor in providing analysis for clients. His example of converting a period of seconds into years, perfectly illustrated how the way we identify with numbers can be drastically influenced.

BrightonSEO contained countless more excellent talks from some superb industry leaders. Tom Bennet’s talk on Log file analysis, and Gisele Navarro’s examination of International outreach are just two examples of the fantastic content on show. For more details on the talks at BrightonSEO, Verve Search’s write up is a great place to start.

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