5 Reasons You Should Be Email Marketing

3 min read by tom 12 Nov 2014

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As digital marketers, we’re always looking for the most effective ways to grow brands. With social media platforms maintaining their escalating popularity and Google rankings becoming the golden chalice of the online world, people could be forgiven for perceiving the platform of email marketing as the forgotten method. How wrong could they be?


Marketers should never think in quantitative terms, and “spray and pray” in email marketing is the absolute antithesis of good email practice. However, it should be recognised that email didn’t die with the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, in fact 3 times as many people use email as the two social media platforms combined. This statistic only acts to show the importance of the platform, which with careful targeting can produce an audience as receptive as any on more “sexy” platforms.


The quality of engagement associated with email marketing is certainly of a high standard, and allows marketers to be infinitely more targeted about how they engage with an audience. Marketing is essentially about creating valuable leads that evolve into tangible business, and email marketing offers the opportunity to speak to those leads directly in a manner otherwise impossible through more scattergun approaches.

Business Approach

As a primary tool of communication in the professional world, email is seen as a highly business-like medium. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have their own list of merits, but are often viewed as very un-business-like in terms of making valuable professional contacts. Think email first got a business-like medium.


Whilst a poor email marketing campaign can be envisaged as an unwelcome nuisance in a person’s already packed inbox, a successful, well-planned email newsletter can become a welcome part of a person’s weekly routine. Brands can create newsletters that people look forward to, an engaged piece of content.


Offers are usually welcomely received by consumers, but there is very much a sense that there is a time and a place for them. The continuous stream of offers across social media newsfeeds can become somewhat of an annoyance, but it is an expected trend on the platform of email marketing. Many engaged followers have taken the action of subscribing, with the expectation and indeed hope of receiving these offers.

Whilst it may not seem the most attractive of marketing techniques, you need to be thinking about email marketing in your digital strategy.

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