Why PPC’ers should be embracing ChatGPT, not resenting it!

8 min read by Poppy Court 21 Dec 2022

2022 has chucked many curveballs at the PPC community, but as we close the year, the hurdles keep on coming. Our Paid Media Manager, Poppy Court, investigates what ChatGPT can bring to the table – with some surprising results.

If you haven’t already, meet ChatGPT – a new AI-based chatbot which specialises in auto-generating dialogue-based responses.

The platform was only released in November 2022 but it has already gained an enormous following. Within just 5 days of its release, it ascertained 1 million followers. For context, it took Instagram 2.5 months and Spotify 5 months to reach the same levels!

Some have argued that ChatGPT could be the death of Google, but we’re not quite there just yet. While it is an extremely sophisticated platform, there’s still a long way to go in its ability to offer the same seamless experience that we’ve become accustomed to with Google.

However, it has got many people worried – including PPC’ers. After having a quick play with the platform, you can see exactly why. Its ability to answer fairly complex paid media questions is staggering. Some have even tested its paid media intelligence by getting it to not only complete, but pass the Google Ads certification!

While this is all extremely impressive, and many are worried that us PPC’ers could soon become redundant, I’m of the opinion that the platform actually provides more opportunities than it removes.

Here are just some of the ways that we can start to use ChatGPT to fuel the performance of your PPC activity:

Paid media advice

The first and most obvious skill that ChatGPT brings to the table is its ability to offer sound advice on how to manage paid media accounts. While the system may not know the background of your campaign, it does give entry-level paid media managers a great starting point of things to consider when optimising your account.

Here is an example of a response I was given to the question “When should I pause a keyword within my Google Ads account?”

Targeting guidance

Not sure what audiences to target for your next paid social campaign? Ask ChatGPT for some suggestions!

And a similar approach can be taken if you are struggling to think of keywords that would be worth bidding on from a paid search perspective.

It will even give you a detailed description as to why this would make an effective social ad:

Script creation

For me, one of the most exciting features is its ability to create Google Ads scripts. Whether you want a script for automated optimisation or reporting purposes, simply tell ChatGPT what you want to use the script for and it will build it out in front of you.

We asked it to create a script that would pause ads on a certain day of the week and it delivered!

While we managed to get this fairly basic script to work, we have come across multiple instances where it wasn’t quite able to correctly format the script. It’s likely that this will continue to improve as more people use the platform but it still demonstrates the power this can have on managing your paid accounts.


Looking for a new team member but can’t quite put your finger on the exact skills required for the role? Let ChatGPT help.

I put my job title in to see how well my skill set compares (safe to say, I’m in the right seat!)


Whilst the sophistication of ChatGPT may be a terrifying prospect for some, I’m really excited about the opportunities that it gives and the suggestions detailed here are just scratching the surface. It’ll be interesting to see how the platform develops over the months to come and what more we can use it for in order to get the best out of our paid media accounts.

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