Keywords Everywhere – Manyminds GIAG October 2017

2 min read by Dan Callis 20 Oct 2017


Keyword research can be challenging for many reasons, but two of the most common I hear are the wealth of data available and how to sort that data into something that makes sense.

(Image via Phil Nottingham)

In my talk, presented at Manyminds’ Give It A Go Conference on 20th October 2017, I ran through some of my own thoughts and tips to help organise large numbers of keywords into something that is easier to understand, communicate and prioritise your SEO focus.

The slides can be found here:

Furthermore, a link to the keyword research tool that was given away for free at the end of the talk can be found here:

Please send any issues you have with the tool, or feedback/questions to myself via my Twitter at @callis1987. Thank you.

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