The Marketing Budgets Report 2022

Here’s how CMOs are spending their marketing budgets in 2022 

Get the data you need to empower your marketing strategy. The Marketing Budgets Report from StrategiQ and Rokker Research Labs fuels CMOs and Marketing leaders with valuable insights on industry marketing budgets, marketing strategy and the investment trends to watch for in your sector.

This detailed research white paper explores data that can give your business a competitive edge in today’s digital marketplace. 

Access industry insights covering:

  • Marketing Budgets as a Percentage of Revenue 
  • Marketing Budgets by Sector Type
  • Marketing Budgets by Industry Sector 
  • Marketing Budgets by Sales Revenue
  • Marketing Budgets by Business Size
  • Digital Marketing Expenditure
  • Digital Advertising Spend
  • Industry Sector Forecasts 

With CMOs and Marketing Leaders reprioritizing their marketing channels, programs and resources, unlock the insights that will help you gain the competitive edge.

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