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9 min read by Corrie Jones 7 Dec 2023

Christmas may be just around the corner, but that’s not all that we’re celebrating around here… It’s time to announce the latest team member to join our hall of fame as ‘Most Valuable Player’ in November.

Our MVP initiative is a longstanding StrategiQ tradition that’s been around ever since the agency began. Every month, it gives the team an opportunity to celebrate excellence within the agency by nominating one of their colleagues for the dedication they put into going above and beyond in their craft. The winner gets a meal out on the company card, a duvet day, and (of course) eternal bragging rights.

Last Friday in our full-team company call, we gathered round to hear the long list of MVP nominations and enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with them (and often brings a tear to our founder’s eye).

So, who made the top three this month?

In third place (for the second month in a row!) it’s our technical whizz, Gary Billington. He’s the powerhouse you want behind your brand’s SEO strategy, and here’s why:

“Gary has made a huge impact within the SEO team and is making huge progress with the clients he is leading on. Constant small updates to clients with progress of work and performance wins is helping him build relationships and shows the quality of his work. He’s always willing to help out and get stuck in with something technical, his development background is helping workout ways of improving processes and getting jobs done more efficiently. Keep up the awesome work Gary and can’t wait to see how the next few months shape up!”

“Gary has come a long way since starting here at StrategiQ. He has quickly adapted to the pace of the agency, our processes and how we work. The quality of his output is top-notch, his consistent small and often updates are admired by all of his clients and the results he’s now producing are pushing each of his clients to the next level. He is the first to throw his hand up and help on web projects, whilst also putting in extra hours to help on new business opportunities. There is no doubt in my mind that this man deserves MVP. Give this man the award now. No, seriously… give it to him now.”

In second place, and in only her third month with StrategiQ as part of a client services internship, it’s Emily Morgan and her unparalleled work ethic: 

“Emily M deserves my vote this month purely down to the enthusiasm, dedication and joy she brings to the team. With only a short period of time with us, she is getting stuck into all things client services but also helping out other teams where needed #oneteam. She’s organised and dedicated, which makes the perfect team member but also does everything with a smile, even with the long drive from Stansted she makes almost every day!! She is getting everything she can out of this placement and it will be a shame when she returns to university as I’ve loved working with her!”

“I’m thrilled to nominate Emily Morgan for the MVP this month. Emily’s attitude and enthusiasm have turned heads from the moment she arrived and she consistently exceeds expectations. She is going beyond her job description as an exec, with her proactive spirit and diligent attention to detail. The daily drive she does perfectly depicts her exceptional work ethic, which is why she will have a brilliant future within our organisation and can not go back to Uni and add to her already growing debt. Please, please don’t leave us!”

Hopefully we see Emily back in the team very soon after she’s finished her degree…

And taking the top spot, for his stellar commitment to championing and trialling AI within the agency, a well-deserved shout out goes to the legendary design whiz, Mr Sam Burrows:

“How does an agency stay relevant and on the front foot? When you have people like Sam B on your team. Sam’s research and development is positively impacting his work as well as the agencies as a whole. His training is clear to see in the work being outputted and not just logged in a training diary to gather dust. Working closely with Mike and the AI squad, who also deserve a shout out, I am seeing Sam stand above the rest with his passion, proactivity and implementing his new found skills – winning work in the process. He’s a pleasure to have on the team.”

“This month my nomination is for Sam B. Sam, as we all know over the course of the last few months, has been championing and embracing the use of AI as a force for good from a creative output. It’s easy to see where his passion and skill set lies as it effortlessly shows in all of his R&D work but more recently the incredible presentation deck for Stoke Park. I don’t think I’m on my own when I say this but I was blown away by the visuals but also the storytelling within the deck too. Well done Sam for continuing to explore, embracing the new and sharing some amazing work. Genuinely can’t wait to see what you’re working on next!”

“This month, I wholeheartedly nominate Sam B for MVP. Over the past eight or more weeks, Sam has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in the field of AI, propelling our agency to the forefront of innovation. His unwavering commitment to expanding his AI knowledge, even in his spare time, ensures that StrategiQ remains at the forefront of the AI revolution. In an industry that is rapidly evolving, Sam’s passion and expertise are invaluable assets that drive our success. Sam’s contributions extend beyond AI, as he has also masterfully designed an exceptional web experience for STC. This groundbreaking web experience is poised to set a new benchmark for future endeavours. Sam’s unwavering commitment to excellence in both AI and web design makes him an undeniable choice for MVP. (Disclaimer AI was used thoroughly to improve this nomination)”

“Someone check for a pulse. I’m not sure if it’s the real Sam or if he’s replaced himself with AI. Either way well done Sam, top month and the result of channelling your energy and passion into your R&D.”

Congratulations Sam, and thank you for all that you do! Enjoy your day off (maybe ChatGPT can help you decide how to spend it?)

Do you have what it takes to become a StrategiQ MVP? Take a look at our current vacancies if you’re ready for a limitless career in a growth-focused team.

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