Account Director
Ollie's Expertise
Personal Branding
Influencer Marketing
Social Advertising
Marketing strategy
Account Director Ollie understands the importance of a strong digital strategy and how to implement it. Having worked in marketing for over ten years, with clients including Samsung, Nissan, Hilton Hotels and the Economist, Ollie is keenly aware of the nuances of marketing delivery. Ollie is on hand for his clients and enjoys having open and frank discussions about driving their businesses forward.

I'm happiest when helping others and having a positive impact on what I'm doing.

Outside the office

A Sweet-Smelling Sailor

Sailing is a great passion of Ollie’s. Earlier this year, he renovated a classic boat that resembled a park bench, which he now races and sails for fun (while it’s still floating!). He also has an “annoying habit” of owning impractical shoes and too much perfume for a chap.