Account Manager
Nathan's Expertise
Customer Journey
Relationship Management
Brand Building
Nathan has worked in marketing for over 3 years, primarily focusing in the fitness & leisure industry. With his sporty background, his love for marketing grew from the desire to promote happy, healthy lifestyles. Nathan joins us to work in the marketing team as an Account Manager where he is responsible for managing client relationships and delivering impactful marketing delivery.

My mission is make the world a better place. I want bring happiness and positivity to as many peoples lives as I can. While at work I want to learn and become the best possible version of myself, always looking to expand my knowledge and help businesses grow and prosper through the power of marketing.

Outside the office

Powerlifting, cricket and fitness

Nathan has a passion for fitness and sports where the values and discipline he has learnt through exercise, he has carried through into his career. He has a desire to make the world a better place through marketing and sport.