Two MVPs in a Pod

5 min read by Charles Craik 10 Aug 2018


This year has flown by – is it really August already?! You know the deal though: a new month means Hannah must pass her MVP crown on to the next deserving winner.

As usual, it’s been a super busy month. We welcomed videographer Mike Wilson into the team, we had some really exciting award nominations, and we also said happy four years at StrategiQ to Andrew Smith, the email marketing extraordinaire!

With so much excitement going on, you’re probably wondering how we got time to even think about MVP, but we’re all superheroes in disguise (of course) and it’s not something we take lightly! For those who don’t know, MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, and it’s awarded to the person who receives the most nominations from their fellow StrategiQ employees. It’s as simple as that!

So, without further ado, let’s get into this month’s best nominations:

“For MVP, I would like to nominate Tom Wake. The man is a machine. He is constantly keeping himself busy – whether it’s development standards, immersing himself within clients’ brands or taking a lead role on web proposals. He puts his best foot forward, taking his work in his stride without breaking a sweat. And when he gets his tasks across the finish line, he leaves the clients with big s-miles! Oh, and he smashed his personal goal and ran 100 miles across the Cumbrian mountains – as you do!”

“My vote goes to Luke. I noticed him starting to become more vocal about things that we could change to improve things like QA and tech specs and starting to take action on them. He’s really good at communicating and asking questions to the design team about how things should work if he’s not sure, and he has very good attention to detail.”

Although there were some glowing nominations and there’s a case for everybody (yes, we always say it), it wasn’t too hard to pick this month’s winner(s). By a huge margin, we’ve got a double-whammy, so let’s have a round of applause for Tom Cox and Duncan Brown!


Tom has impressed everybody with his insane social skills, not only making a difference to our ability to compete in the industry with social marketing but also delivering some fantastic results for clients:

“My MVP vote this month goes to Tom Cox. His persistence to learn, eagerness to make things work whatever the weather and passion for what he’s doing is admirable – he’s always got new things to try and improve his results for clients, and his flexible but firm attitude towards client work is hugely helpful when working with content that needs social support, as he’s always got an action plan for any situation. Tom has impacted StrategiQ massively since he’s been here and I think for that he deserves an extra day off & a tasty dinner!”

“My nomination goes to Tom Cox this month for his results-driven approach. He’s really owning his channel and testing his approaches to get the most from his campaigns. I have been particularly impressed with some clients where we have a significant number of sales directly attributed to social. He knows his audience and how to engage with them. Look forward to seeing what comes next!”

Duncan, affectionately known in the office as ‘Dave’ or ‘Big D’, also pulled it out of the bag this month with some cracking work on some big sites, as well as burning the midnight oil to get us past the finish line on perfect time:

“My MVP for this month has to be Duncan. I don’t think most people will have seen the effort he’s put in, over the past weeks especially. There have been a number of large technical challenges which he’s taken in his stride, and thanks to his efforts, a successful launch feels very close. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s quietly built an entire website out of hours to make sure our commitments were met too. Great work – a rest is well deserved!”

“I’d like to nominate Duncan for MVP. It seemed like he had new websites coming out of all orifices last month and was putting in some serious hours to get them launched on time, and to a very high standard. For sheer dedication alone, Duncan gets my vote.”

Congratulations to two team members who really deserve an extra day off and a dinner on the company – go enjoy yourselves!

If you fancy becoming part of the team and having the chance to win MVP for yourself, take a look at our latest opportunities – we’re currently on the hunt for a Junior Designer. Alternatively, if you fancy working with us in another position, please feel free to send us your CV.

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