Boom! Mike Joins StrategiQ

4 min read by Charles Craik 11 Jul 2018


It’s happened again! We’ve welcomed a new member to the team and this time, it’s Assistant Videographer, Mike Wilson!

Video is a massive growth area in marketing and what better way to make sure we’re always ahead of the curve than with our very own videographer? That’s where Mike comes in!

Here’s a little bit about Mike’s background…

Mike started out filming his travels around the world on his GoPro and quickly realised it was super fun and started to get serious about his videos. He had a parachute laying about that wasn’t in use, (as you do) and decided to sell up and get some filming gear together.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and Mike shot video after video, practised and practised until he hit a gold mine – which turned out to be a film from his visit to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The video received over 10,000 views on Facebook and happened to catch the eye of one of our director’s friends, who shared it with him. Andy wanted to know more about the man behind the video, and the rest is history!

Before becoming a videographer, Mike was a full-time personal trainer and made the switch from summer-bod to dad-bod (he said it not us!) after starting to look after his son full-time.

So what does Mike do when he’s not editing videos?

As you might have guessed, Mike is one of those annoying people who loves exercise, sports, running around, climbing things and being fit and healthy. He’s a fan of climbing mountains, jumping off high things (no thank you) and is a qualified skydiver. You know, the standard hobbies.

Mike loves to travel and go adventuring and in the last year, he’s been to Chernobyl, climbed Mt Toubkal in Morocco and been filming in Romania for ‘Much Better Adventures’. He also got shortlisted to compete in Ninja Warrior this year, but sadly didn’t make the cut – so we can look out for Mike in Team StrategiQ’s charity marathons and other events next year!

When we asked Mike why he chose StrategiQ, here’s what he had to say:

“After speaking a few times with Andy, I got to understand that StrategiQ is a company that cares about its staff and invests in them. I liked the idea of planned and tangible development plans. I’ve never really experienced this anywhere else, so it’s exciting to have the opportunity. The main reason I chose to join StrategiQ is that they created an opportunity for me, which means I can actually work in doing what I love, continue learning, develop my skills and enjoy myself at the same time. How can you say no to that!?”


A very warm welcome to the family, Mike!

If you’d like to be part of the StrategiQ team but don’t know where to start, take a look at our current recruitment opportunities for SEO consultant and Senior Marketing Consultant – go on, we’d love to hear from you!

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