Use The Force, Luke. (To Win MVP)

6 min read by Charles Craik 12 Aug 2019

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Somehow, it’s already August, which means we’re well over halfway through the year and starting to think about winter again (how wonderful it is to be British). But it also means we’re thinking about our latest and greatest to be crowned MVP!

July was a classic StrategiQ month. We on-boarded some wonderful new clients, launched some fantastic websites such as L’abu and Directree, improved our processes, Marie Kondo’d some emails lists and partnered up with the awesome folks at LeadForensics. That’s not to mention picking up a Silver award at the UK Digital Experience Awards for our work with Powertool World and being crowned Suffolk’s Best Employer at the 2019 Suffolk Business Awards.

So a quiet month, really…

But anyway, what we’re really here for is, of course, to crown our new MVP. What with welcoming all the wonderful people we have recently, the award of MVP has gained a higher standard and it’s now even harder to stand out (though it has always been a tough one, ‘cus we’re all so damn awesome).

Let’s take a little look at some of the best nominations from July’s MVP:

“Gemma’s quickly left her mark on the accounts she’s touched within a very short space of time – which isn’t easy! She has managed to really push/open up the opportunities on her client accounts and driven a load of new retainers in an almost effortless way. She just doesn’t let anything stop her. Constantly driving value, pushing the clients out of their comfort zones and getting the best out of everyone she interacts with.”

“Charlie is showing leadership value within his role, account managing clients, briefing in work to members of the team (design and marketing), all while juggling his PPC tasks and ensuring his day-to-day gets done. His attention to detail combined with his drive to deliver above and beyond the client’s needs means that his impact on StrategiQ and bringing in new clients has been huge. It’s clear to see that his current clients are very happy too. Charlie is really beginning to use other skill sets around him to deliver above and beyond – this jump up can only come with hard work around his usual daily routine and putting in long hours. Keep up the good work, Charlie.”

“My nomination for MVP this month is Keiran. He starts his day right every day, coming in early and immediately organising his day and looking ahead at his briefs or those missing. It doesn’t feel like there is a day that goes by where Keiran isn’t asking to bring tasks forward or seeing if he can help with any urgent priorities that have arisen in the day. I think he could really take to juggling! He also uses his additional time in the day to enhance his expertise with focussed R&D time, seeking client opportunities and helping with StrategiQ’s own marketing. Well done Keiran, demonstrating true value to the team!”

Feeling proper proud with this bunch as we’re not only just saying lovely things about each other, but we’re really proving how much one person can have a huge impact on a business. One of the great things about StrategiQ is that everyone is valued as much as each other – however small, every little thing we do has an impact, adding value to ourselves and our clients.

So, after those amazing nominations, who could possibly top it?

pigtails girls don't know meme

Well, the title may have given it away, but in case you haven’t worked it out, here are some of the nominations for our winner, who not only gathered the most votes but also had an awesome impact on the business over the last month.

“This month Luke’s really stepped things up a gear. Whilst juggling some demanding client projects, he’s been proactively solving issues which have cropped up within the development team and is beginning to take ownership over some key processes. On top of that, he also identified a process issue with content uploads, and quickly had a solution in place – something which will directly save the team time and allow them to focus on things which can have an even bigger impact for our clients.”

“Luke worked like an absolute trojan last month to ensure some key web projects were delivered on time, battling some challenging last-minute client feedback in the process. He even found the time to create an incredibly useful HTML tool, which will bring some much-needed efficiency to our content upload process. It’s evident that Luke has given absolutely everything for our clients over the past month, demonstrating his diligent work ethos and technical expertise. For that reason, he is fully deserving of a Duvet Day!”

“‘Cool Hand’ Luke has come into his own this month, going above and beyond to improve development processes for the whole of the production team, mainly out of hours and in his own time, casually pointing out these accomplishments in his trademark quiet and modest way. This behaviour partnered with some ‘textbook’ product launches, despite last-minute requests from clients, makes Luke my MVP for July!”

You got it, Luke Tubby is July’s MVP!


Luke has been a huge part of our process improvements over the last few months but has shown a particular knack for finding a solution to pretty much any problem that arises. His keen interest in development as a hobby as well as a career lends itself to a knowledgeable and proactive approach to problem-solving, and his tenacity to fix something and create little efficiencies is something to be reckoned with. Plus, he deals with all our Star Wars jokes like a (storm)trooper.

A very well deserved win – well done, Luke. Enjoy your duvet day and dinner out on us!

If you fancy winning your very own MVP award or working for the best employer in Suffolk, or even if you just want a chat, get in touch or take a look at our careers page. Who knows, you could be the next MVP!

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