StrategiQ strategy conference 2022

5 min read by Josh Crawford 5 Oct 2022

Great work, great service, great people: that was the theme for the StrategiQ Strategy Conference, which took place 20-21 September 2022. Bringing together 50+ employees and four special guests, it was a special gathering for many reasons…

StrategiQ 3.0 – firmly taking our position in the elite agency space

We’re nearly ten years old! Following an amazing decade of growth, we’d reached a natural moment to boost our brand and update our values.

Marketing Director Rebecca Childs took to the stage to present our vision, mission and revised and matured values – made tangible through brand manifesto booklets, marketing strategy, and finally, a peek at our new website. Read more out our rebirth at StrategiQ Takes on a New Corporate Identity.

Celebrating a great year

The two days gave us a chance to remind ourselves of a few things that have made us proud:

  • We picked up an incredible 6 coveted industry awards for our client delivery and 3 silvers
  • We were named an Elite Agency 2022 by The Drum
  • We were voted one of the best places to work in our industry – becoming a Campaign Best Places to Work Winner

Great work

We’ve delivered some of our best work in the past 12 months – winning deals with Gore Wear and Cambridge Audio, and implementing results-driven campaigns for the likes of Jacada, Calligo and Reuters. However, the biggest jaw-drop of the conference goes to UK Top Ten Agency Founder and award-winning creative director, Gellan Watt.

His electrifying on-stage presentation put a fire under everyone who ever thought their great work was done. Thanks Gellan!

Great service

A positive customer experience is crucial to any business, but turning lofty goals into daily actions can be a challenge. Thankfully, our newly promoted StrategiQ Head of Customer Experience, Lauren Oliver, took the stage to give us all some great pointers for making our clients’ lives better.

Her informative presentation covered customer journey mapping, automation and integration to name just a few. Finally, the unveiling of a very exciting customer journey initiative got us all excited about the road ahead.

To round off our ‘Great Service’ focus: an interactive fireside chat led by author Chantell Glenville and our panel of Client Partners. In the session, Chantell used her extensive experience of working both agency and client-side, pulling anecdotes from her book to help us understand What Clients Really Want (And The S**t That Drives Them Crazy).

Great People

We’ve already been voted as one of the best places to work in our industry – but what else can we do to ensure that StrategiQ remains there – and becomes a destination for talent?

We engaged the hearts and minds of employees both old and new, resulting in lots of brilliant ideas for StrategiQ Chief People Officer, Sarah Smith, and her team to take forward.


We were honoured to be joined for two days by four of our agency friends:

  • Chantell Glenville, MD at Sixteenth Talent Agency and Founder of JY Marketing Consultancy
  • Daniel de la Cruz – Founder & Chief Learner at Polymensa
  • Gellan Watt FRSA: Chair/Board/NED for 7 agencies including StrategiQ
  • Corrie Jones: Owner Founder of Untapped Digital, social guru and industry speaker

StrategiQ Strategy Conference 2022:
The word from the floor?

“Our best StrategiQ conference ever.”

Two amazing days left us all buzzing, aligned on our values, and excited for what’s to come.

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