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5 min read by Doug Smith 13 Dec 2022

With many members of the StrategiQ team keen outdoor enthusiasts, there was a real buzz around the office when we recently added GOREWEAR to our client roster.


An established brand in the outdoor activity clothing sector – specifically for cyclists and runners – Germany-based GOREWEAR market premium products in a highly competitive landscape.

GOREWEAR originally came to us to protect and enhance their online presence around the migration, consolidation and re-platforming of their US and European ecommerce sites. When businesses switch to a new platform, it’s common to see a sharp dip in traffic and visibility until their site’s online authority is re-established. However, this can take an extended period of months.

It’s vital that GOREWEAR’s revenues do not take a hit, and we’re aiming to maintain their business’s digital presence through our expert approach to technical and on-site SEO. Without this, they are in danger of relying on increased paid advertising to compensate for the lack of organic search traffic.

What brought GOREWEAR to StrategiQ?

StrategiQ’s award-winning work with caught GOREWEAR’s attention. That project proved our capabilities in not only maintaining but also improving an international brand’s online presence and traffic around a major complex migration and replatforming exercise.

Our development work for Reuters also enabled a pivot in their ecommerce business model, showing GOREWEAR we knew what we were doing when it came to protecting their commercial interests.

The head of GOREWEAR’s ecommerce team looked us up online, contacted Chief Experience Officer James Bavington, and discussions began.

Sealing the partnership

Who on our team was involved in this deal?
The pitch team was led by James, supported by SEO specialists Phill Pratt and Imogen Jones, data specialist Josh Crawford and SEO Content Marketing specialist Jenny Molloy.

The team conducted a detailed audit of traffic and revenue around key landing pages to identify the priorities for attention, and then presented our findings to the GOREWEAR team along with a detailed plan of action.

Our strategy

The proposal involved benchmarking current SEO visibility, setting success metrics, launching an effective content SEO strategy, setting ongoing technical SEO best practices, leveraging link equity and other offsite trust metrics, and forming a multi-agency partnership with GOREWEAR’s existing Paid and Performance Marketing agencies – all with the aim of maintaining their 15 European websites’ online visibility post replatforming.

This comprehensive, cooperative and proactive approach was enough to convince GOREWEAR that going with us would bring the outcomes they wanted.

What are we and the client aiming to achieve from the partnership?

Together, we aim to develop a considered, robust SEO strategy that maximises GOREWEAR’s visibility in organic search from a technically sound ecommerce architecture. 

Key to this will be launching a content marketing strategy aligned with brand positioning that both builds the audience footprint in the US and mitigates any visibility loss when rolling out the new design and replatforming the isolated 15 European websites.

Our current understanding of legacy issues, the migration roadmap and the new brand direction provide us with a clear initial strategy that will transform organic visibility. This will allow the brand to reach a wider audience through technical SEO excellence and an innovative content marketing strategy.

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