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5 min read by Charles Craik 8 May 2019


It’s May, which of course means it’s my birthday month!! Wait… that’s not what we’re here for?

Anyway, as it’s already May, what we’re actually here for is to announce our latest MVP. April felt like it lasted five minutes with all those bank holidays and whatnot, but we still managed to do a bunch of cool stuff – we learned from Kanye West, got shortlisted for the 2019 UK Digital Experience Awards, and chatted about why we hired Business Psychologist Sue Firth.

As one month ends and another begins, as does the reign of the current MVP. It’s an integral part of the culture here at StrategiQ and this monthly ritual of recognition allows us all to take a moment and reflect on who’s gone above and beyond each month, and who deserves a special mention or even a day off as a thanks for their hard work. As with every month, it’s always a tough call because everyone works at such a rate.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the nominations from April:

“Tom Cox. For always inspiring others to do more, learn more, and think out of the box to raise their game. An unstoppable lead gen machine.”

“Sean has been powering through his dev work like a machine and not many people know that he learned a lot of extra backend development stuff very quickly in order to excel in his role. Add that to the fact he has also been creating custom graphics and designing new pages and that he’s a very talented bunny and you’ve got a winner! What has really stood out for me this month, is that he always makes time for my increased ‘can you just’ moments, taking them onboard with a chirpy demeanour and always willing to help. Thank you!”


“Ash has done brilliantly of late to really prove his promotion and take the step up to leading the design team. He is balancing the management of the team whilst still having a huge amount of design work to do himself. Even so, the quality of his work has been maintained to an extremely high standard leaving clients delighted. MVP would be well deserved to say the least!”

What a great bunch of nominations! But who won?

This month’s winner has been receiving a steady stream of loyal nominations for the last few months, and he’s been a very close runner up on a number of occasions. He’s been nicknamed the ‘Silent Assassin’, has a fondness for clear briefs (design ones, not underpants) and is a designer to the stars.

You got it, this month’s MVP is none other than Keiran Buchanan!


Here are some of Keiran’s nominations:

“I’m going to sound like a broken record but I’m desperate to see Keiran recognised. I think the guy is an absolute star and tips it with spending his own time on some excellent proactive web designs that could unlock the next phase for that client.”

“He gets in early, gets his head down, and just cracks on with an incredible work ethic. The quality of his work is fantastic and he gets through it like a machine. He never shouts about his work so it’s only right that he gets a solid mention via MVP!”

“It’s not the first time Keiran has stepped in to help on a project that’s not his and recently was the perfect example. Keiran put together the end animation CTA for a client’s video. We needed it to pop and I was struggling to get the assets to work the way I wanted it to. Keiran offered up his talents and not only did he do it in his own time but his contributions led to the client being blown away with the end result. Fantastic work and he really deserves an MVP.”

So, that’s a wrap for April’s MVP and a happy Keiran who’ll enjoy a dinner out and an extra day off as a congratulation. Are you also a talented bunny and fancy winning yourself one of these bad boys? Then head on over to our careers page and take a look at our current positions, or just drop us an email for a chat – we’re always up for hearing from passionate people!

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