Do You Hearsum Applause?

7 min read by Charles Craik 20 Apr 2021

Another month, another fantastic MVP prize ready to be awarded! This one’s a little later than usual, as we wanted to wait and announce it once the team were together on our virtual strategy day.

March was our usual fast-paced, epic month where we saw all kinds of fun stuff going on – the launch of some of our biggest and most exciting projects to date, a UK Dev award win, celebrated the anniversary of our reading club and discussed how SEO can actually be a quick-win rather than a long-term impact. March also marks a year since our everyday lives become a bit more digital – and we’re proud to see where we’ve come and how we’ve thrived in that last year.

But nobody needs to hear any more about that, so let’s jump right into what we’re all here for… the MVP!

Here are some of our favourite nominations from this month’s votes:

“Bex has done an absolutely fantastic job of her first three months as Senior Marketing Coordinator. I cannot possibly write an exhaustive list of all the things she has been involved with as we would be here all day but here are some…helping onboard new clients, encouraging and supporting forward planning with the client services team, meticulous planning and scheduling in Scoro, inputting creative ideas to new projects, picking up design work, note-taking in meetings, working on the customer journey, supporting Account Manager style on key accounts such, QA’ing so that we never forget what the StrategiQ standards are etc. etc. As I said it’s pretty endless so please forgive me Bex for the things not listed here. More than anything this nomination is to say a huge thank you, Bex! I don’t think there is anyone in this agency that would deny you having a duvet day!”

“It’s hard to believe that he’s only been working full-time for StrategiQ for 6 months as he continues to deliver, demonstrate expertise and is always thinking about how every website that we deliver can be better than the last. This month my nomination goes to Dan. He seems to have already been involved in a lot of launches, however, his most recent new site stands out as really pushing our frontend skillset. Awesome work Dan, really looking forward to seeing your next site go live!”

“For MVP this month, my vote goes to Elliot. The paid campaigns Elliot oversees have recently seen fantastic improvements from his continued optimisation efforts – whether it’s volume or quality! Elliot has also made fantastic improvements to his landing page efforts and skills. Keep up the good work!”

Short and sweet is sometimes all you need!


“I find it difficult not to vote for Roisin every month! but this month she has clearly demonstrated her attention to detail, care & expertise. Dealing with some tricky clients, she has handled them well and managed her latest projects superbly. Always being incredibly organised and being great at communicating internally & externally. Well done Roisin!”

“This man is constantly evolving his work and always taking his work to the next level. Very few can match his sheer dedication to improve his work. We had the chance to look into the work that Sean is working on and it’s very, very high standard. For not only maintaining his high standard but rather constantly taking his work standard to next level, Sean gets my MVP nomination. Big Fan.”

We’re all big fans of Sean, let’s be honest.


But Who won??

Well as much as we love reading these lovely nominations, it’s time to announce who scooped the victory of MVP for March. This person has been in the running literally forever. They’ve consistently gone above and beyond, but have repeatedly been pipped at the post for the win.

This person is dedicated, caring, commercially-minded, driven, loves a good chat and takes 25 minutes to make a cup of tea. Got it yet? Yep, it’s our Senior Search & Content Strategist, Oli Hearsum!

“It has to be Oli’s month and a quarter for me. His ownership, attention to detail and accountability over the launch was pivotal to the success of the award-winning Reuters Migration project and creating the post-launch SEO metrics that allowed the nomination to shine to the judges. “Nothing was missed” was how the judges summarised our entry and how I would summarise Oli’s efforts on not just this project, but anything he touches. Oli, it has to be your month!”

“I would like to first give a shoutout to Phill P for his dedication to taking on a lot of web projects this month as well as working super hard to get the SEO standards up to scratch – but my vote this month is for Oli. I think Oli goes under the radar a lot of the time because he’s great about shouting about stuff but only when you ask him directly what he’s been up to. He doesn’t shout too often about the awesome work he does unprovoked, and how much detail, consideration and care goes into every piece of work he produces. He’s always trying to weigh up commerciality with what’s best for the client, he puts 100% of his energy into everything he does (which may result in a tired Oli) but it means that you can trust what he says is the best option, because he’s covered all bases and considered everything he can. He really cares about our clients, big and small and in the past two months especially, he has stepped up his game and given us even more reason to vote for him by supporting clients, his colleagues and literally anyone else that he can without question. Why he hasn’t won an MVP yet is beyond me. This guy really deserves it.”

“For a few months now, Oli has consistently gone above and beyond in order to deliver outstanding results for our clients. With his client’s organic visibility going from strength to strength, he’s delivering record results for the and his work on-site migrations is now officially award-winning. I think it is easy to forget how awesome Oli is – he’s not one to blow his own trumpet and is always putting others in front of himself. For that reason alone he is long overdue a day off! Keep up the good work Oli – you’re a pillar for StrategiQ!”

“A standout member of the team for me this month (this year, even!) has to be Oli. Whilst a lot of the work he does is behind the scenes, he’s been absolutely crucial to a number of recent site launches – all handled with impeccable attention to detail right down to the very last 301 redirect. This also applied to his work on the Reuters migration which ultimately led to our win at the UK Dev Awards. Oli personifies “giving 100%” and demonstrates care for every client he touches, and I’m always grateful to get to work alongside him. Great work Oli – I really hope your hard work is recognised this month!”

It’s been long overdue but he finally did it, congratulations Oli! Enjoy your dinner out on us (especially now you can actually go out!) and a duvet day to maybe not do any SEO?

If you wanna win yourself an MVP, you gotta join ‘em to beat ‘em! Get in touch with us or check out our careers page to see if we’re meant to be.

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