Power Up’s First Birthday

8 min read by Be Peters 31 Mar 2021

Did you know that on average we read 250 words per minute and listen to 450 words per minute – that’s hugely powerful when thinking about how much information we absorb and how we develop our knowledge and understanding of subjects we find interesting.

And how we share this information with others is really important too, that’s why Be Peters, started Power Up last year – to encourage the team to share interesting insights that they had read, heard or seen.

As Power Up celebrates its first birthday, we’ve been taking a look back at the top rated books, podcasts and webinars that we’ve shared over the past year.

Good Vibes, Good Life

Author: Vex King
Emma Squires – Reviewed in April 2020
Rating: 10/10 – This book is a definite must-read! Every section is really motivating, easy to read and to follow. 

Key Learnings

  • “If you can’t change a situation, change your perception of it. That’s where your personal power is. Either be controlled or be in control.” How we perceive events in life determines how we will experience it. Negative events breed negative emotion so understanding how you feel in those situations will give you a better awareness of how to act/react to the situation.
  • Rather than trying to control external events which we have no control over, concentrate on how your mind responds to those events (what we can control). Take back your personal power!

Read it yourself


The Healing Power of Human Connection

Author: Dr Vivek Murthy
Emma Squires – Reviewed in May 2020
Rating: 10/10 – What an interesting podcast!

Key Learnings

  • What is the cost of individual success? We’ve always been told a partial truth about how we gain our successes. Our destiny is deeper than just us and though we have to work hard and learn to get to where we want in life, that never comes on our own. We always need support from other people.
  • As humans we weren’t designed to do things by ourselves, to maximise our success, we have to work together.
  • We often link self-esteem to our outcomes.

Listen to it here

10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation

Author: Celeste Headlee
Reader: Be Peters – Reviewed in August 2020
Rating: 10/10 

Key Learnings

People talk all the time, but the true key to an excellent conversation is to truly listen. This podcast goes through 10 ways to have a better conversation and has particular focus on listening skills, as well as how to respond to someone.

  • Don’t assume someone’s feelings, ask them. Asking someone how they feel allows them to be honest, saying “that must have been awful” puts words in their mouth that may not be accurate.
  • Listen whilst they talk to you, many people will start to think about what they are going to say in return to someone as soon as the other person starts talking. This can often lead to you wanting to jump in before they have finished what they want to say. Instead, let your thoughts go and wait for them to finish before sharing your thoughts.
  • Don’t compare their experience with one of your own. Everyone views things differently and it could be insensitive to take the conversation away from them, especially if they don’t see the two experiences as being the same. It’s not about you, let them share freely, they’ll feel like they can talk to you more in the future. 

Watch it here


Does Digital Advertising Work?

Author: Digital Marketing Podcast
Reader: Emma – Reviewed in September 2020
Rating: 9/10 

Key Learnings

  • Digital advertising does not work as a solo marketing strategy, we may think everyone is impacted by digital but it is not the most effective way to drive sales.
  • Thinking that digital is the most effective way to market a business means that the brand is no longer relevant.
  • We are putting too much emphasis on individual marketing strategies to work for a business, when in fact a mix of digital, print and ‘older’ advertising techniques seem to have the best impact on sales strategies. 

Listen here

The Radical Act Of Choosing Common Ground  

Author: Nisha Anand
Reader: Be Peters
Rating: 9/10 

In this TED talk Anand discussed finding radical common ground with people to create big change. Although people may have huge indifferences, you can always choose humanity and bond with people you share radical opposing views with.

Key Learnings

  • We can build bridges with anyone – Everyone has to cohabit, we all share air, parks, spaces and so much more, there are far more things that bind us than divide us.
  • Social media is an echo chamber – When you surround yourself with the same type of people on the internet, with the same likes and tastes etc, you will never expand your knowledge.
  • It’s not politics, it’s policies – When you put your political views to one side and focus on a common goal with another political party, you can achieve change and form allies that favour both parties. 

Watch it here

Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Author: Jonah Berger
Reader: Jordan Bambridge
Rating: 8/10

Key Learnings

Contagious is a timely read which looks at Viral Content and how it spreads, three key learnings from the book:

  • Social Currency – Using Blendtecs example of Marketing a Blender on a small budget, social content spreads if you see it as social currency and the value it can give. If your content makes the sharer look; knowledgeable, successful, helpful or in Blendtecs case, interesting;  your content will be a powerful tool to your business!
  • Emotion Matters – When we care, we share. By using the three ‘Why’s’ (Why is the product important, why is that important and why is that important).
  • Once upon a time – Humans are bound to stories, we love a good hero vs villain story. Centre your product around a good story to engage your audience.

Read it yourself 

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