An Ian-evitable Victory

4 min read by Charles Craik 5 Mar 2019


Somehow we’re already in March and thinking about easter eggs, hayfever and cutting the grass! Where did February go?! But although it may have felt short, it was still a busy month for StrategiQ – we welcomed wonderful marketer Elliot, achieved Mailchimp Partner status and launched some fantastic websites!

But of course, the turn of the month also means we have crowned a new MVP – an exciting monthly process where we vote for who was the most valuable player in the team, and award the winner with an extra day off and a meal out on us!

Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the best nominations from the team this month:

Quality, quantity and dedication.”

“Kara’s grabbed her role evolution with both hands, giving Chris and Hannah assistance with the constant follow of SEO work. However, she’s not just taken this on quietly. Her passion for learning is noticeable, work often goes home with her and the want to do great things with the new StrategiQ website fills me, and should fill the business, with confidence.

Her ability to produce great quality work, at speed had Chris describing her as an ‘absolute machine’, but it tells me her impact on the SEO team and business this month has indeed been ‘Monumental’.”

“Rheanne has really hit the ground running in her first months at StrategiQ, having been thrown straight in at the deep end to support with some of our largest site launches, plus supporting some time-critical server upgrade work – all whilst being brought up to speed with our way of working. Without her efforts, diligence or persistence this month, we’d have very narrowly met the deadlines, so she’s already having a real impact on the development team and business!”

“There’s not a month that goes by where Tom Cox doesn’t have some cool social stats where he’s far outperformed expectations on his campaigns. He’s always on the ball when it comes to his work, rarely makes mistakes and always has an educated response when you’ve got questions about what he’s been up to – plus he actively seeks out extra ways to add value to the clients he’s working on. He’s always confident to suggest new ideas and pushes to keep us up with the ever-changing social environment, so we never fall behind the curve both as an agency or on behalf of our clients.”


So, Tom, Rheanne and Kara all got some very worthy mentions this month, but who won? You guessed it, it’s Mr. Sunshine himself, Ian Garstang! Ian is always a pleasure to be around, whether he’s sharing an anecdote about a game show he was on (there’s a fab picture here) or giving an update on the cool new things he’s up to with his clients next. Ian’s tenacity with his role, and his dedication to going above and beyond, has been a testament to the ‘give a ship’ attitude we instil in our brand culture every day. Here’s what some of Ian’s biggest fans said about him this month:

“Ian has really helped his clients grow since the turn of the year. His marketing brain has been working double time to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for clients – a win-win scenario all round!”

“Ian has been consistently great at managing all of his clients projects, as well as being on the ball for every deadline, and putting in the extra 10%. He’s also been smashing his gym goals!”

Congratulations Ian, enjoy your duvet day and dinner on the house!

If you want to ‘be more Ian’ and think you’d be a great member of the team, why not check out our careers page for open positions or get in contact – we’re always happy to chat to passionate people!

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