Why User Generated Content should be every marketer’s best friend

16 min read by Lauren Grubb 26 Jul 2023

Some estimate that we see between 6,000-10,000 ads per day, however this has been disputed by many. Regardless, we are exposed to adverts and sales messaging throughout our day, whether this is through TV, billboards or social media content.

So the question is… How can you stand out from your competitors?

What is User Generated Content you ask?

User generated content (UGC) is any form of content which is created by a person or customer who is not a part of your business or brand.

UGC is dominating the marketing space at the moment where we are seeing anyone from micro-influencers to celebrities creating this type of content and brands are gobbling it up.

So, who are our creative geniuses and why do we trust them?

Originally UGC has mostly been users who upload content off of their own backs and are usually at the start of their influencer/ content creator journey looking to grow. Often they will buy from brands that they love and that suit their style to ensure they can promote products/ services they feel passionate about.

It’s a great way to build followers for not only the brand, but also the user. When the user shares their content tagging or talking about the brand, those who trust that user may be inclined to check out the brand promoted. This is because those close to the user may have previously built trust with them.

Fast forward to the last couple of years where we have seen the rise of UGC creators. They are users who are selling the service of creating content for brands. They know UGC content builds trust. They know it’s authentic. So why not get a pay cheque out of doing it?

How can UGC benefit your business?

It’s been seen that before purchasing, 70% of consumers will look for reviews about products/ services by UGC creators first (everyonesocial). These creators have already built a community and therefore trust has been established, especially when the user appears to be just a “normal” person.


A big benefit to the business is that they won’t be forking out nearly as much as what they normally would on celebrity endorsements or paid partnerships. For smaller brands, this is a winner when it comes to their strategy, as they will be able to get this content for free or partner with smaller UGC creators who do not cost as much.

Talking about smaller UGC creators, it must be noted that users don’t always have to have a big following for a brand to send their products or test out their service, they just have to be posting content in that niche that your audience enjoys.


As previously mentioned, UGC helps build trust with your brand due to the authentic nature of the content. When users outside of your customer base can see promoted content by others in their community, it will increase the likelihood of conversion, as they have seen others already make a purchase from your business. Much like if the brand also uses that user generated content, it will increase their conversion rates by 29% than if they hadn’t, showing the impact this content has on users.


We always say that you can NEVER have too much content. Once you have acquired permission from the user, their content is yours to use. What makes it better is that this content is more personalised by your customers, who have photographed your products in different settings, spoken about it in unique ways and have used it for different occasions.

My top tips for collecting UGC

Fortunately, I have been working in the UGC space for the last few years on my clients’ accounts, and there are a few things I have picked up on the way.

The importance of permission

When you first reach out to a user who has tagged you in their content using your product/ service, ensure you include these things in your message:

  • Ask for permission to use the content
  • Tell them where the content is going to be used
  • Insert the URL of the image/ video you want to use so it’s clear to them
  • Ensure to let them know you will give credit and tag their account – ask them how they want to be credited

Once you have permission, screenshot their response if you have asked via DM, so you have documentation for the future.

The importance of crediting

Crediting the user is such an important practice, not only does it allow your followers to follow that specific user but it means you are not taking ownership of the content as if it were your own (no one needs a legal battle).

What has been seen is that users who post similar content in your niche can see that the brand has credited another user, and they may want a slice of the action. You know what that means… more content!

The importance of selecting the right content

Popular brands will get tagged in several UGC pieces every day, but it’s up to you on whether you collect that content. You should be asking yourself these questions first:

  • Is the content on brand?
  • How will it look on my social media feed?
  • Is the imagery/ videography/ review good quality?
  • Does it feature enough of my product/ service?

Unfortunately you cannot collect every piece of content, but as long as they all pass the checklist above, I always say the more the merrier.

The importance of UGC in conversion ads

There is no shying away from the fact that digital advertising space is getting more expensive and our social feeds are being inundated with ad based messaging. As users become more savy on what’s an ad and what’s not, UGC is becoming an increasingly valuable source of finding new and original content. No one wants to engage with an ad, so the more you can more your ads look and feel like natural social content the more likely you are to see higher CTRs and conversions off the back of it.

If you’d like to find out how we can support you in utilising UGC in your social media strategy, speak to us today.

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