CRM and Automation

Bolster customer acquisition, enhance customer experience and increase customer retention through data-driven, relevant, timely communications across a range of marketing channels.

Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to create a transparent view of your customer while enabling prompt and relevant communications across all marketing channels.

Imagine if:

  1. Your team could use customer behavioural data to form the foundation of your marketing efforts.
  2. There was a way to create personalised and consistent messaging that resonated with a target audience to build brand loyalty.

  3. It was possible to connect customer systems and automate processes to increase the efficiency of your operational and marketing efforts/team.
  4. You had the capabilities to create a transparent, singular view of your customer — then use those insights to drive marketing efforts across all relevant channels.

We keep your customers at the core of your marketing strategy by using CRM platforms to increase customer visibility.

To do this, our specialists will leverage what we refer to as the 4p’s of CRM:

  1. People: We put the customer at the heart of your business and marketing activities by evaluating how users progress through your customer journey and what we are doing at each touchpoint to nurture them. Our goal is to find — and execute — strategies that make your customers the hero of your brand.
  2. Platform: Our specialists evaluate your CRM to ensure it’s working with other platforms to provide a single point of truth for customer data. Through this, we empower your team to integrate marketing channels to target the right customers via the right platform — ensuring you get the most out of your technology.
  3. Personalisation: We develop personalised, relevant communications — you won’t find batch and blast methods here. By leveraging dynamic, interactive communications — such as polling and preference building — we deliver the right message to your target audience.
  4. Performance: Through continuous performance testing, we ensure that we are triggering campaigns effectively, driving toward an increased ROI, reducing customer churn, implementing new opportunities and building an engaged, loyal customer base.

Our Expertise

We provide CRM & automation to our partners through:

We perform audits, provide workshops, design customer journey maps and deliver CRM consultancy services to help your team maximise the potential of your CRM platform.

Our specialists work with you to select a CRM platform and Email Service Provider (ESP) that suits your needs, helps you migrate customer data and aligns with your customer journey to deliver the results your business needs. We leverage CRM technology, implement data mapping and create visual workflows to produce a cohesive view and drive efficiencies for your team.

Our CRM strategists implement segmentation and generate dynamic content across multiple channels that increase personalisation and engagement throughout the customer journey.

We utilise customer lifecycle and RFM segmentation, progressive profiling and behavioural data to develop relevant and personalised campaigns. By integrating CRM technology with customer-facing platforms, your business will be able to leverage your tech stack to unlock new capabilities and drive stronger, more results-driven efforts that align with your marketing objectives.

Our specialists utilise automated communications — such as welcome, lead nurture and re-engagement — and develop them as cross-channel journeys that are informed by reporting, testing and customer behaviour. The result: Your  target audience receives the right message at the right time.

We uncover new audience insights and behaviour from implementing a test-and-learn approach across campaigns and journeys that drive an increase in engagement and customer lifecycle movement.

By leveraging CRM insights, we develop a customer loyalty strategy that cultivates a sense of community among your target audience. We use loyalty tools, communications and retention reporting to increase customer lifetime value, retention and advocacy for your brand.

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