A structured and definitive approach to understanding your business’s needs and building teams and campaigns to achieve them.

Our consultancy service helps your business apply the insights, platforms, approaches and processes to the problems and opportunities that will have the greatest impact on your business.


Giving your business purpose and direction

It can be easy to spend time working in your business, at the expense of working on your business. Taking a day out for a consultancy session gives you the time and mental space to consider your core values, where you are as a company, where you want to be in one, five or ten years’ time, and how you are going to get there.

Keeping the end goal in mind of “Building you a brand that people want to be part of” there will be processes and methods introduced that will ultimately mean your marketing and brand is authentic throughout your business and you have genuine transparency throughout your organisation.

As a dedicated business consultancy service there are elements that touch on both of these and will help you pull together all of the great work you have done into a single point of truth for your business.

This also means StrategiQ has a deeper connection to your company to support the long term vision and marketing strategy.

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Our approach to consultancy

Removing clients from day-to-day duties and distractions to focus on their business.

Our consultancy sessions focus on the following:

Your “Why”

We’ll uncover what your business means to you and your team, the attitudes and behaviours that you promote internally, your approach to delivery, what you want to be known for, and more unique insights that will ultimately reveal your ‘why’.

Your Difference

How do your company’s core values manifest themselves in the way you service clients? We’ll work closely with you to uncover what really sets you apart from the competition, and whether you should realign your focus towards a specific service line.

Your Goals

Every campaign or branding project has to start with your vision and goals, otherwise you will have no clear direction. We usually break goals down into three categories: your business and brand goals, campaign goals and visionary goals.

Your Operating System

Exploring your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is an opportunity to be completely honest about any issues that are holding the company back, and take ownership of them. They can also help provide some context for your goals.


Jurassic Fibre

Relaunching a challenger brand to better compete in the ultrafast full-fibre broadband marketplace.
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Motus Truck & Van - Mercedes-Benz

Giving this heritage brand a realigned identity, vision and values to unite behind.
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aae technologies

Transforming a global company with humble beginnings into a market leading powerhouse.
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Dice Medical Communications

A modernised brand and website that continues to amplify an agency’s unique positioning and sector expertise.
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