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8 min read by Charles Craik 7 Nov 2022

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new MVP. Somehow it’s already November – this year has gone by in a flash! As we start to get cosy in the cooler months and prepare for Christmas, the StrategiQ team doesn’t slow down with the achievements. In October we saw some more incredible clients join us, launched some awesome marketing campaigns, welcomed some lovely new faces and carried on all guns blazing in true StrategiQ style.

But as we know, the end of a month means that the reigning MVP has to hand over their crown, as the next winner earns their extra day off and a dinner on us.

We’ll start proceedings by having a look at some of our favourite nominations for our runners up this month…

“Sophie’s been a powerhouse this month and deserving of an MVP duvet day! From building her first dashboards to writing performance review decks to providing client teams with crucial KPI performance data every week, she has really hit the ground running and I’m excited to see how she continues to grow as a member of the performance team. Good job Sophie!”

“This month my nomination goes to Sam! From a distance, I have seen Sam working on some incredible pieces of work and I’m always really impressed when he is asked to talk and rationalise his work. It sounds like he has put a shift in on a few occasions so is more than deserving of a duvet day! Keep up the good work Sam!”

“My vote for MVP this month is Poppy! I am in complete admiration for Poppy with her traveling to Italy to talk at Ad World! This is such an incredible and courageous achievement, one which I know many of us would love to achieve one day. Not only this but she has taken the time to take Nathan and Rosie under her wing, showing her commitment and passion to helping others. Keep shining Poppy!”

“Jenny gets my MVP vote this month. Her overall grit and determination to bring about the best content strategies for clients is to be commended, plus her versatility to jump between so many clients. Let’s give Jenny a well deserved duvet day!”

“I’m not sure what else Lauren can do to be crowned MVP… Lauren has so much expertise regarding CX it blows my mind and her drive and determination to grow the service line is so inspirational. Alongside bringing in new clients, developing StrategiQ’s CX and pushing herself to do a bunch of great talks, she also continues to always go the extra mile for her team to ensure they are also growing in their roles. Shout out to you Lauren, you are incredible!”

“Again, there are so many people that deserve MVP – it gets harder to choose each month! Even the list of honourable mentions would end up calling out the whole company. However, my vote this month goes to Darren. His attitude to work and getting things done is something we could all learn from. No task is too big or small to handle, and hearing that he’s recently passed his probation is great news.”

“Elliot was already a top notch lad when he was in Paid Media – but this guy has spread his wings and has flown as a strategist.

His involvement and input into meetings, delivery understanding and campaign ideas has been nothing short of invaluable. His ability to assess situations and marketing activity and provide solutions sounds easy on paper but as we all know requires great skill to do. Elliot has had a banging month and deserves that day off.”

Wow… what a bunch!

Now that we’re all warm and fuzzied up, let’s find out who took the crown (if you hadn’t already worked that out!). This month’s winner is just all round fabulous – dedicated, proactive, engaged, passionate, a great laugh and always with a smile on her face. This month’s winner is the glorious vibrant flower that is Daisy Sturgeon!

“Daisy deserves to be MVP this month because I have seen firsthand (especially in the last 2 weeks) how much we rely on her. She is always available for support, even though she is constantly stacked with her own work and this alone would be enough for my vote this month. However, in addition, she is continually creating work to such a high quality that I have to keep reminding myself of just how early she is in her career. Keep up the great work Daisy, you’re definitely keeping me on my toes!”

“Daisy is always rocking a smile and nothing is ever too much. There’s not a day where she isn’t effortlessly helping me with something and is often offering to come in earlier or stay late to assist with deadlines if required. She recently smashed a new direct mail in her own time after hearing distant feedback – no worries, no frustrations… she just took the feedback on board and pulled a fabulous new version out of the bag. An absolute gem and a pleasure to work with!”

“So much good news this month to talk about with people going the extra mile for both clients and colleagues but this month! For October though my vote has to go to Daisy. Daisy has gone above and beyond recently, helping design the new video cred deck/proposal decks that support video proposals and pitches. Our new proposal decks are nothing short of amazing and are a great reflection of Daisy’s ongoing commitment to training and the refining of her skillset. Great job Daisy!”

“I can’t rave about Daisy highly enough. Her output this month has been astronomical. Delivering time after time, meeting every deadline. She has worked incredibly long hours at times, taking on additional tasks even at the end of a full day and completing them in her evenings. She will look back in a few months and really see the impact of her efforts and will also see how much she has grown – keep up the incredible work Daisy.”

“My MVP nomination for October has to go to Daisy. Always happy to lend a hand when I need a quick design favour, even on projects she’s never been involved with before. Daisy constantly goes above and beyond to deliver, sometimes ensuring what I asked for the night before is in my inbox by the time I start work early the next day (even when I didn’t ask for it to be done that quickly!). She’s a design powerhouse and a credit to the creative team, keep up the good work Daisy!”

Congratulations Daisy, a well deserved win! Enjoy your duvet day and dinner on us!

Wanna win your own MVP? Get in touch with us or check out our careers page – it could be you next!

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