Welcoming a ‘Brand’ new face

It’s been a busy start to 2021 – we’re bringing yet another bundle of talent into the StrategiQ team! Please welcome Brand and Marketing Manager Rebecca (Becs) Harris! While we still have yet to decide on a nickname that doesn’t create confusion every time someone says her name (this ain’t our first Rebecca ya know), we found out a bunch of cool stuff about Becs and her life before StrategiQ…

Becs has been working in the retail, hospitality and tourism sectors for the last 14 years, with a side order of manufacturing on occasion chucked in for good luck. Becs has spent her time building relationships with digital marketing, media, research and PR agencies over the years and has since gotten a keen eye for understanding customer service, deliverables and expectations when it comes to agency and client relationships.

Becs is all about communication. She thrives on discussing and understanding people’s businesses, identifying what makes them tick, what motivates them and what they want to be. Before StrategiQ, Becs has always worked in-house, so the jump to agency-side is an exciting leap of faith into the unknown.

Becs loves brands and branding in general, but she especially loves brands that give back, local brands, products that make everyday life simpler (I am so here for these brands), more fun or engaging and brands with the aspiration to do or be better. Sounds like a perfect match for us then, Becs!

What does she do outside of brands? I mean work?

Becs is a mum of two, three if you include her bouncy pet Springador (Springer cross labrador? Do you ever sleep??) named Roxy. She lives just over county lines in Norfolk, and loves a countryside ramble with Roxy on the scenic Norfolk broads and chilly coastlines.

Becs is a fan of a country bicycle ride, usually with a nice stop-off in mind at the local pub or coffee shop (if you remember what those are) for something tasty. Speaking of something tasty, she also loves to throw together delicious meals to enjoy with her family whenever she gets the chance.

On the rare occasion that she’s got some time to herself, Becs likes to sit down on the sofa with a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate and a good book. That’s the dream, Becs.

Why did she choose StrategiQ?

“I was attracted to StrategiQ as a brand and agency that was focused on success, based on core values and culture. For me it’s important that you can bring your whole self to work, that you are recognised for your knowledge and experience (at whatever level), that you feel appreciated and valued, as ultimately you need to be happy at work. Happy team members, make for a happy and productive business – win, win! At StrategiQ everyone seems to be thriving in their roles and it just feels infectious. I’m excited to be a part of it.”

We’re excited too, Becs! Welcome to the team!

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