Weekly Web Awards (Week 42)

YouTube 10

Every week, the StrategiQ team are looking for their favourite website of the week. We’re very proud to announce the winner of this week’s competition.

This Week’s Website of the Week is…YouTube10

This week’s winner is an extremely important and special winner being a celebration of YouTube on its tenth anniversary. In the last 10 years, YouTube has revolutionised the way in which video is shared across the internet, and become the world’s second largest search engine, behind Google. In it’s lifetime, YouTube has created a number of YouTube celebrities, and some of the most bizarrely entertaining videos including Keyboard Cat

and Charlie the Unicorn.

YouTube’s anniversary website celebrates the first 10 years of the video streaming platform with an a-z quiz style game based on the most popular videos from the past 10 years. You are offered different answers in the form of well designed infographics, which you have to drag into the middle, when you can guess which infographic matches the video being discussed.¬†With points and medals awarded, the website is a fun activity, for YouTube pro’s who will score high, or even for novices, who will no doubt enjoy the cavalcade of videos.

From a web development point of view, the animations are slick and without the use of text or words, you know what each animation is telling you, whether that means you have answered the question correctly or incorrectly. An extremely fun and innovative site.

From a YouTube fan point of view, this site is the perfect way to celebrate YouTube’s unique wackiness. To visit the YouTube10 site, click here.

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