Weekly Web Awards (Week 41)

In Pieces

Every week, the StrategiQ team are looking for their favourite website of the week. We’re very proud to announce the winner of this week’s competition.

This Week’s Website of the Week is…Species in Pieces

Simple Design

The Species in Pieces site plays entirely on the strength of its content and animations throughout, and as such doesn’t push the boundaries in terms of layout and design. Simple pastel colours and fonts give the site a light, airy feel that is immediately enticing.

Innovative Animation

The site is built upon the strength of its colourful, innovative animations throughout, which entice users to continue to scroll through each new animation, discovering how each new animal is recreated in a very linear fashion, each using 30 shape fragments.

Use of Music

The use of music throughout the website is highly evocative and really adds a sense of atmosphere to the site. The music is even more potent with knowledge of the goal of the website in mind.

Goal of Website

The website is built as a tool for raising awareness for endangered animals. Using such an innovative platform is clearly the most eye catching way of raising awareness for an important subject, that can sometimes be undermined.

To visit the Species in Pieces site, click here.

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