Weekly Web Awards (Week 38)


Every week, the StrategiQ team are looking for their favourite website of the week. We’re very proud to announce the winner of this week’s competition.

This Week’s Website of the Week is…Adnams

The Local Feel

It’s always nice to find a well built local website. Particularly when the brand stays loyal to its local roots. The Adnams site definitely plays up to this, and stays true to the values of Southwold and Suffolk, mirroring the brand itself. Featuring suggestions of hotels and pubs connected to the brand, Adnams works hard to promote the local area as well as its own product.

The Design

The¬†design of the website is fun, feeling very coastal with the sandy yellows and muted blues, reflecting the brands local roots. As summer approaches, it is good to see the brand also embracing bolder warmer colours as part of the graphics on the page. The Adnams brand is strong in itself and the website certainly makes the most of the brand’s strength and familiarity, including its typography.

The About Section

For anyone looking to become familiar with the Adnams brand, the about section on the site is the perfect stop. Making the most of video and some deep content, it’s easy to get a feel for what Adnams are about, their culture and their company values. All brands should use their websites as a window into the company for their customers and Adnams gets it perfect.

To visit the Adnams site, click here.

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