Weekly Web Awards (Week 36)


Every week, the StrategiQ team are looking for their favourite website of the week. We’re very proud to announce the winner of this week’s competition.

This Week’s Website of the Week is…AirBnB


The introductory animation for this website is fantastic, using real life facts to bring the video to life. The style of the video feels very very much like an animated infographic, and is an excellent method of drawing people further into the website.


Perhaps the most important reason for choosing AirBnB as this week’s best website is the innovative map function. The map is a design and development marvel. When entering the map, you are asked to choose between 3 options, these options all lead you to the same well designed map, but the information and iconography changes. The map includes the location of every member who currently offers a place to stay and also every location seems to have its own personal touch to it, such as in Egypt, they have drawn the pyramids and in France, the Eiffel Tower, this just all adds to the awesomeness of the map.


The whole point of this map and the animation from the perspective of AirBnB is to allow people to outreach and engage, with the use of the hashtag #OneLessStranger. When you press the #OneLessStranger option at the bottom of the map, it illustrates on the map where people have used that hashtag and provides you with their twitter name and message. An extremely clever method of outreach.

To visit the AirBnB Map site, click here.

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