Reebok – Website of the Week

Week 35

See why Reebok – Be More Human is this week’s winner!


The site makes excellent use of video as part of the parallax, forming a background to the ghost navigation. Their gritty style of filming is in keeping with the message of the website and is an important tool in its success.


The site’s transitions in its parallax function add a certain dynamism to the homepage, again in keeping with the brand and offering am interesting juxtaposition against other imagery.


The site actively encourages the user to get involved with the website and its test function is the perfect way of doing so. In testing people’s human-ness, the website asks some fairly random questions, but ones that will definitely get people thinking. In terms of user interactivity, this is a really nice addition.

Design Your Own

On many sports brand sites, a design your own function is an important addition and this website is no different. Fitting into the website’s nice design, the customization tool is a fun addition that again adds to the ideal of user interactivity.


Finally, it is important to speak about the site’s clever use of imagery throughout. Its strong use of grainy hero images help to the define the site’s persona and give it the unique appeal that makes it this week’s, Website of the Week.

To visit the Reebok site, click here.

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