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Next Rembrandt – Fantastic & Creative

This weeks winner is ‘Next Rembrandt’ Which is headlined “Can the great Master be brought back to create one more painting?

This well rounded website showcases a fantastic creative project, put together by ING – who are one the most innovative financial institutions in the world, also supporting the project their sponsored partner Microsoft – Microsoft saw an opportunity to show the power of data for businesses and individuals through The Next Rembrandt. Their Azure platform was instrumental to the project by supporting data handling and data analysis, as well as providing maximum calculating power.

In short the experts analysed all of Rembrandt’s works and overlaid all the common data such as: subject matter, models pose, sex, age etc and this data output a number of interesting similarities. The data calculated intricate details through clever scanning methods such as the way in which Rembrandt applied his paint, the stroke and colours and even the height build up of paint.

The filtered information formed the basis of an amazing computer generated image, printed with special inks that built up a 3D surface to match the way in which Rembrandt would have painted it himself.

This project story is conveyed in an engaging and informative way, the content is well laid out, with a beautifully scrolling timeline and elegant typography befitting to the classic Master.  The video gives a great overview of the project and just how much work went into the final painting.

The developers ‘Superhero cheesecake’ who have brought together the complex information beautifully.

You can view the ‘Next Rembrandt’ website here.

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