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US Air Force

U.S. Air Force

This weeks website winner is brought to us by the US Air Force, the website has been designed to bring forth new recruits to work within US Air Force. What impressed me most about this site was the interactivity, the hover transitions and menu navigation are beautifully designed and are very subtle, giving a slick technical feel to the interface. The homepage is very impactful with a strong video header which has quick cuts of action to draw you in, the large text over the header says “Aim High’.

As you scroll down you are hit with five clear options “Mission, Education, Careers, Lifestyle, How to Join” listed in a tall column format, stunning photography with dark overlays and again the minimal transitions, which is nicely rolled out across the site. As you work your way through the site you are met with strong header videos, the language and tone throughout the site are direct, for example on the contact page: “We are Ready For You”, “Ask a Question, Get Answers Now” and “Find an Event”, Apply Now, Locate a Recruiter”.

There is no waffle here or words for the sake of them, so many sites pad out the content with repetitive sales pitches, with no thought to reaching their target audience. What you get here is what you would expect from the military, clear instructions, to the point communication, put across in an engaging and meaningful way.  This site is a great example of direct and confident marketing. It engages their audience and guides them to where they need to be. There are some great lessons to learn from this site in terms of audience engagement and time spent on the page. It’s joining my top 10 for this year so far.

You can view the ‘U.S Air Force’ website here.

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