Moulinex Les Chauffants – Website of the Week


Moulinex Les Chauffants – Innovative & Engaging

This weeks winner is Moulinex Les Chauffants which showcases five small kitchen appliances in a very innovative and engaging way.

The landing page has the Moulinex logo top left which they have made into a playful animated chefs head that winks at you, you are faced with five appliances each with a clear red label placed at the top, when you hover over the label the interactivity begins and you see this is no ordinary site.  The label rotates and offers you a snippet of information like “Discover an intelligent heating blender preparing soups for you”.

Click on the label and it takes you to a page that offers up a slider that you drag left and right giving you a 3D view of the people in the kitchen using the appliance, it’s very creative and shows a good lifestyle shot demonstrating their target audience.

Central and very prominent over the page is a red box stating info and buy online, I wanted to learn more so selected info, which presents a parallax page that really does a great job of guiding you through the benefits of this device.

It offers a grid of images at the top as a ‘quick look’ option, giving us some clear signage of where to go next, so an image or text headline not too much, but something for every buying motive.

As you scroll you view clear and concise information like functionality, accessories, technical characteristics, etc.  The food photography makes your mouth water and the website colour palette is minimal and fresh, using the brand colour red sparingly.

The headline texts lead you in for example ‘The Recipes” informing you that the book is included and then gives you an almost Pinterest style grid of images that contain the dishes from the recipe book which all look very tasty and easy to make with this wonderful device!

I want to buy all the devices I saw, especially the one that I can control with my phone allowing my dinner to be ready when I get home.  I feel Moulinex have really done well to convey so much information in such a small site. It is well designed in terms of UI and UX and is very engaging, worth a look and a share.

You can view the ‘Moulinex Les Chauffants’ website here.

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