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View From Above

The View From Above

The winning site is from Emirates and Boeing, this offers a very interactive 3D experience which no lag and the image quality is excellent. Essentially this site demonstrates a variety of key destinations that Emirates fly to and from across the globe.

The text invites you to spin the 3D globe around and locate the map pin that you would like to visit, once you select it a red circular button appears with a thumbnail image, click and this opens a large video promo of that location.

The location films are shot beautifully and really showcase the amazing beauty of the locations. So what is the purpose of this ‘View From Above’ 3D website in terms of marketing?

You really have to visit the site and watch the videos to appreciate the power of this site, It’s made really clear when you navigate around the world and watch the videos, the aerial shots are breathtaking and I was left feeling like I must visit these stunning destinations.

I have watched many location videos and holiday programmes, but this destination overview felt very special, Emirates and Boeing offered a luxury seat from the air which is befitting to the luxury travel company. If I had the opportunity to fly to these places I would want to fly with them.

You can view the ‘View From Above’ website here.

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