Viporte – Website of the Week


Viporte – Artistic Manufacturing

This week’s winner is Russian specialist door maker, Viporte, who have turned manufacturing and selling doors into an art form.

The site aesthetic combines a modern minimalist style with flourishes of Art Deco influenced decoration, to mimic the style of the product. The two styles combine to form a powerful visual language as well as a highly functional and easy to use interface.

The homepage is curated first and foremost to look beautiful and entice you into the Viporte world. Somewhat secondarily, it also points you towards catalogue pages for the doors themselves. As a designer I am a sucker for the luxuriously sized typography that spells out the company name vertically down the page, the crisp edges created by the typeforms and the way that their beautiful photography has been placed in just the right place amongst the lettering.

Each section of the homepage is laid out completely differently to the last with an almost asymmetric feel emerging, that entices you in to look at each new discovery, keeping the user interested enough to keep going.

Amongst the most prominent design niceties are a handful of animated embellishments that give the site a real energy. As well as the animations that flow over and around the homepage lettering, there are some lovely uses across the rest of the site, such as the slight zooming motion that occurs as you hover over products on a product listing or the spinning menu frame.

What I love about this site is that it proves that an ecommerce website can be beautiful, functional and structured all at the same time. It sells itself simply by being gorgeous and showcasing the fabulous products, without pushing an aggressive sales message. I imagine that this confident, design-led approach appeals to interior designers, which can only work to the advantage of Viporte.

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