Website of the Week (Week 108)

Slavery Footprint

Today I found out that I’m fuelling the global slave trade. It’s a problem that most people know exists but are not always aware of the extent of the issue and I am definitely no exception to that!

Slavery Footprint let’s you find out how many slaves were likely to have been involved in supporting your lifestyle (I’m ashamed to say mine was 40).

The way this website is structured to educate and raise awareness is brilliant. The creators have designed an interactive lifestyle survey that feels light-hearted through both the graphic style and tone of voice used. This ‘gamified’ approach means the site doesn’t feel like it’s shaming you and instead feels educational and fun, which means that as a user your don’t feel too defensive and therefore allow yourself to learn.

From a creative point of view the survey is the main standout piece on the site, as each of the 11 questions are animated and selectable in a different way so as a user you are very much forced to explore.

Across the survey you are provided with snippets of information about slavery and how it relates to each question, giving you easily digestible facts that are hard-hitting and force you to think about your lifestyle choices.

The rest of the site is also beautifully presented and once again doesn’t feel too ‘preachy’. The presentation of information is highly thought out and although there is a lot of it, it never actually feels like you are wading through reams and reams of text.

Finally, I think the key to making their campaign site successful is their heavy (yet blended) use of social sharing. Multiple points across the site feature social sharing buttons as well as pop up messages suggesting you share your survey. Due to the well thought through tone of voice the site has created, I imagine the majority of people who take the survey would be likely to share it.