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New Lab

New Lab – Leveraging Advanced Technologies

On first glance, you might think that this site isn’t breaking out of any boxes in terms of design layout, interactivity etc. You might think “Yeah, it’s another full-screen video header”, however, the header video shows some interesting content, revealing the place and what they do there and it’s very cool indeed.

This captured my attention. New Lab is a community of hardware-centric designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to create meaningful new products. They offer a place and platform for inciting new paradigms in manufacturing and seek to nurture companies who are pushing boundaries and developing the next evolution of responsible enterprises.

The renovated building based in Brooklyn, NY is home to a group of innovators in robotics, nanotechnology, material science, biology, industrial design, and physical computing working together to rethink, redesign, and unleash products that enrich lives.

The website has a fresh minimal layout with a good balanced level of content and imagery. Getting technical, in terms of the stacking order; the content, hierarchy and user journey are all particularly sharp. The huge typography heading up each section on the homepage itself, helps you quickly orientate yourself, which is very helpful.

I liken it too when you enter a huge building and you look for the signs, New Lab signage tells you exactly where you are, loud and clear.  The stories are the first port of call, each lab has a story and expresses without too much geeky detail what they are developing.

New Lab’s site is mostly bespoke with some WordPress. I believe the makers have really listened to the client and understand what the place and people within the labs are all about and delivered a modern and insightful end product. In this case, it is not necessary to have lots of sound and interactivity, it’s more about what these innovators are doing and the science and technology involved that hero’s this site.  The white space and architectural lines give this a modern tech feel, if you select the burger menu click on ‘Space’ you will quickly see this is a serious environment where very creative and no doubt groundbreaking ideas are occurring.  This site is wearing a very well tailored suit that certainly makes me want to buy into the place and the company that made the suit and company that wears it.

You can view the New Lab site here.

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