Website of the Week (Week 70)


Every week, the StrategiQ team are looking for their favourite website of the week. We’re very proud to announce the winner of this week’s competition.

This Week’s Website of the Week is…ISAORA

Winter outerwear clothing company, ISAORA was selected this week because it was so compelling, making it really stand out from the crowd.

Its lead in is a moving header, which can at times be a distraction, was actually really interesting, this fantastic slow mo of flowing fabric in the background mesmerises you and the model looking right at you with no expression, almost in a haunting way, wearing monochrome clothing is very moody and sets the scene.  So very quickly you are beginning to gain an understanding of this companies’ personality; they mean business, they have style, they are creative, I am engaged.

This is a very minimal looking site, quiet and self assured, the thin grey strip across the top, centre stage is the branding. The fact that I have noticed it is a good sign, it’s subtle but because of where it is I will remember who they are.

A small burger navigation on the left, next to which is one word ‘Shop’ this is clever as we have not yet had to click on the burger menu, so one click and visitors are quickly browsing the goods. On the far right are the words ‘Help’ then ‘Account’ and a shopping bag icon.

Our eyes should be able to scan the page quickly allowing us to decide where to go next, this site makes it extremely clear, if the customer needs help it’s right there, no searching around for it in the footer or contact page,  therefore no frustrated customers, but importantly it sends out a message ‘We care’.

Above the fold is the start of an image, which is a close up of one of the garments, it has water droplets on it and the macro photography really shows the fabric and quality of the garment – so you want to scroll down and see more.

Alongside the image is this statement – “ISOARA uses cutting-edge engineering to design peak outerwear that excels under any conditions.  Our technology transforms every challenge into an opportunity. Outperform with ISAORA.”

A clear and concise message, all in keeping with the direct approach that this site takes.  Scroll down and the video plays automatically which again draws you in with huge ice capped mountains and cool laser cutting machines creating the high tech clothing.  It is a great site, the goodness doesn’t stop on the homepage its packed full of under stated class, a gem of a site.

You can view the ISAORA website here.