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JOHO’s – Brilliant Storytelling

The site has been created to promote JOHO’s coffee who are a German company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is a brilliant piece of storytelling literally through numbered chapters that have stunning photography and videos, with sound effects overlaid.  This clever mix really helps to engage and create an atmosphere as you click or swipe your way through the site.

In terms of responsive, every page looks great on all devices and the typography and graphic layout, along with transparencies are very stylish. The navigation is simple and well planned with a fantastic timeline with that splash of the colour red to match in with their branding.

JOHO’s is a good example of how to build your all important audience and gain a following. The site really enables its viewers to get a true understanding of what they are about and their values. It offers a window into how they work directly with the coffee farmer they chose as their supplier. Through seeing and hearing how they do it appeals to us more than reading through the usual pages of text.  It is a clever site that demonstrates the passion for coffee Joho’s has, with great facts such as “More than a third of the coffee on the world market comes from Brazilian coffee plantations, that Sao Paulo 11.800.000 inhabitants, US drinks the most coffee followed by Brazilians. There are 25,000 coffee shops in Sao Paulo alone.

Put your headphones on, watch the short videos you won’t be disappointed. This is a masterclass in how to get your introduction to new customers right, efficient and classy.

You can view the JOHO website here.

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