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Because Recollection – An Interactive Music Experience

For their 10th Birthday, Because presents the “Because Collection”, an interactive music experience.  This is a very imaginative website where you are lead in straight away with a request to either turn your speakers up or put your headphones on – so once you hit this very clear call to action button “START”, you’re in, you follow further clear instructions such as “Hold the Space Bar Down” to move to the next track.  Every track provides you with a new way to interact with crazy animations and sounds that really assist in engaging you with that particular track, if you like the track you can read more about the artists and follow a link out to the “because” site for even more info.

Their About page is simple, and states, “Because Recollection is a music interactive experience based on 10 years sound and 20 classic art works of Because Music Collection.”

Its an edgy approach which offers up something very different, a fresh site that fits with what the 2016 trends are predicting in terms of audience engagement, colour, style and social sharing opportunities.  The French design agency 84.Paris who created the site have some amazing award winning work in their folio, they are leading the way in terms of quality and capturing their audience for their clients, they state:

“84.Paris is an ideas agency. We deliver creative and innovative solutions to help brands in new challenges, managing every touchpoint.”

You can visit the Because Recollection site here.

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