Jurassic World – Website of the Week

Jurassic World

Jurassic World – Best of Show

This week’s web awards are winners in the truest sense as the creators of this weeks site just won the 2015 Best of Show WabAward for their excellent work on JurassicWorld.com. This site has also been recognised as Best Movie Website 2105.

When you land on the site you are hit with an error message but ignore that click it shut, then you see a looping piece of footage that shows you the park which looks amazing, like no other theme park you have ever seen. So in terms of impact I am now really engaged and want to click on the very obvious navigation on the right which is a panel of floating square buttons leading you to various pages like: Park Cam, Plan Your Visit, Park Map, kids etc.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away on this site as it will take away from what the site actually does as you begin to click around, needless to say visit it now you wont be disappointed, it is so clever in terms of marketing the film. The planning behind this campaign must have been conceived whilst the film was in production as the footage is in itself like a Hollywood movie.

Huge congratulations to the Top Agency Extractable, it really is a masterpiece of marketing a worthy winner.

You can visit the Jurassic World site here.

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