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Macys Believe

Macy’s – Festive & Charitable

This weeks website of the week goes to Macy’s,

The popular Macy’s store based in New York has really thrown Christmas at its homepage with a major festive charitable campaign. 

On landing on the page, you are met with drifting snowflakes and Christmas music, the strapline for the campaign is ‘Believe in the Magic of Giving’.  When you scroll down the page you are hit with a video called ‘The Wish Writer’ which is a 3-minute film that stars a little brother and sister and a magic pen that strangely appears in the house.  It is a sweet Christmas tale aimed at children, and it certainly makes you feel Christmassy. 

When you continue to scroll down you see a pen in a gift box, it’s the ‘Magic Pen’ that appears in the film which can be purchased for a dollar, the money raised goes to the ‘Make a Wish Fund’, the pen can be used to play the ‘Wish Writer’ App which has been created to support the campaign. The app has fun games which include a snowman builder, write a Christmas postcard for a friend, a sled racer game and a snowflake maker game.

Scrolling down further you can see all the previous wishes from children sent to the store that were granted from the money raised the previous year. This is presented in a really creative and interactive way, with videos and rollovers which give you a real insight into the wonderful things that the fundraising has done for children in need. 

If that wasn’t enough, at the bottom of the homepage it says “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”. This headline sits on an interactive PDF which looks like the front of an old black and white newspaper, this leads you in and as you click around you are lead to a trailer for a 3D animation of a film made to support the campaign sponsored by Macy’s.  The trailer looks great, the film is released on the ABC channel in the states on December 18th 2016.

The store with it’s hashtag #macysbelieve campaign is an amazing campaign not just for raising money for the charity, but also in terms of social engagement and customer loyalty –  drawing in traffic to the website and to the physical Macy’s store where you can post your letter to Santa in their gigantic letterbox. 

So, to summarise in terms of marketing, we have – The app, the merchandise, the film, the website, the money raising campaign pull it all together and that is a great Christmas cracker of an integrated marketing campaign, well planned and well executed.

You can visit the Macy’s website here.

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