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Kitten Kollege

Whiskas – Kitten “Kollege”

This weeks nomination is for the Whiska’s website, I was recently drawn in by the ‘Kitten Kollege’ YouTube advert, and yes it’s spelt like that.  Then this new campaign got me wondering about whether the campaign matches the site and how has this been carried through in terms of brand and social engagement.

I was pleased to see that the Kittens in college theme is carried through the site really well, with lots of great short videos which are very endearing.  In terms of the all important content on the site, it is stacked full of great snack size advice sections linking to items such as breeds, kitten language, health nutrition and play ideas for your feline friends, as well as the ‘Choose a Name’ for your new kitten.

The campaign has been going for a few weeks now and the main YouTube advert has had over a million hits and it’s additional videos are over 700,000 each.  In terms of brand engagement, it’s hard to tell how this campaign is performing for them as we don’t have access to their critical stats, but personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was boosting their brand engagement very favourably.

The purple brand is carried through the videos as you would expect, I imagine the filming for this was interesting  – Never work with children or animals, so well done to the film crew for capturing such lovely moments.

The typography is clear and we are not hit with lots of scrolling text, just enough to keep us engaged.  Only a small amount of criticism, the header image was cropped too short so it fell short of perfection on responsive or larger devices, however that’s a minor snag and in terms of social links, they are not screaming ‘follow us’, so I would make the social icons and calls to action a bit louder. There could be some missed opportunities here in terms of further reaches – such as Twitter offers on the products etc

That aside, we love the site, it’s playful on brand and good to see Whiskas changing it up.

You can visit the Whiskas site here.

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