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Blimed – A Norwegian Marvel

If you don’t speak Norwegian, then bear with us on this week’s choice. As it happens, Google Translate does a sterling job of bringing this Norwegian marvel to life in English.

This week’s pick of the week is really impressive, it has a strong interactive element, where you navigate across 3D vibrant Rainforest terrain; there are tropical birds flying in the sky and immersive sound effects. As you click into each of the circular graphics you are lead on a trail, each map you follow educates you as you travel along.  The various videos are beautifully shot and capture the surroundings in a really thought provoking way. The written content is kept brief and concise so you can take in the small snippets of factual information as you click through. I really like the white signs amongst the foliage with the new “Protectors” names. This was a really innovative approach to recruit and create awareness of the project. This is a well planned and has an impact, so well done to the team behind the campaign strategy.

For a little context behind the site, the money raised from the 2015 Norwegian telethon went to the Rainforest Foundation’s efforts to preserve the rainforest in close collaboration with the people who live there. The site was created to recruit the ‘Protector’s’ to begin the efforts to preserve a particular part of the rainforest which is an area larger than all of Norway and Denmark combined. The closing date to apply was October 15th 2015.

You can visit the Blimed site here.

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