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Crop Trust

Crop Trust – The Best Way to Present Your Report

This weeks website ‘Crop Trust designed by Epic is a very worthy winner, it is a new way of presenting your annual report 2014 – 15 and is stacked full of really interesting content video, pictures, written clearly and animation that portrays the project as a whole. It all looks stunning, the layout and typography is pixel perfect and the subject matter really engaging and extremely important.

This is a real case of information is beautiful, the subject matter which is scientific and I admit I would normally switch off from, is so well presented in such a way that allows for a wide audience to engage with it, learn and contribute to.  We so often don’t know what great projects are going on around us and deal with what’s in our own circle.  This website is engaging and helps to really highlight the importance of planning ahead and preparing for global warming increasing.

The Crop Trust is the international organisation tasked with preserving the biodiversity of food crops so that current and future generations can develop the crop varieties needed to feed themselves despite a changing global climate. In an effort to build, manage and fund a global system for the conservation and availability of crop diversity, the Crop Trust supports the work of eleven international collections holding the most important diversity of agricultural crops that feed our world.

This month, The Prince of Wales, has taken on the role as Patron of the Global Crop Diversity Trust (‘Crop Trust’). The Prince of Wales has been a most passionate and outspoken advocate of environmental protection and sustainable agriculture for many years.

You can visit the Crop Trust site here.

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