PopCorn Garage – Website of the Week

Popcorn Garage

PopCorn Garage – Fun & Retro Trivia

This site is great fun, it certainly tested our film knowledge and got us all thinking in the StrategiQ studio.

You begin by selecting ‘New Game’ to begin and the black screen fades up an atmospheric scene as the lights flicker on in the dingy garage, you then see a strange array of objects, but as you look closely you start to recognise some of these iconic objects like the mask from the horror movie Scream, an old yellow cab, R2 D2 from Star Wars.

You type in your film title guess and if you get it correct you gain a video bonus badge in your film collection of badges. If you then click on your badge it plays a clip from the film.

You can save your game in progress, however, the save option was slightly glitchy and you have to try a few times. We found that sometimes you can get a near match and it would accept it, but other times it didn’t so you lose one of your three lives, which was a little frustrating, so beware.

This could be that the ‘Fuzzy Matching’ was slightly off, which for those that don’t know is a method that provides an ability to process word-based matching queries to locate matching phrases or sentences from a database. So when an exact match is not found fuzzy matching is enabled.

Regardless of the small things we loved this site, it is a great concept, it is very addictive and made the team in the studio compete to see who can get the most right. It has a spooky feel, great sound effects, good playback of the movies and nicely treated illustration.

So health warning with this is if you start a game you might find you lose time as you want to keep playing, remember three errors only, so maybe research before you guess! Good luck.

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