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Low Bros

Low Bros – The Art Within

This week’s website is all about the art that’s within it created by the Low Brothers, Christoph and Florin Schmidt. Their mural, canvas and multimedia projects, as well as their installations,  have been featured in group shows and solo exhibitions around the world.

The site is full of great photography and video of the murals and artworks which are imaginative and stunning. The website draws you straight in on your arrival with a fast moving full-screen video of the spray cans, and the buildings they paint their gigantic graffiti pieces onto.

The menu button takes you to a number of choices  – which use a relaxed tone like ‘What’s up’ Say Hi, About & Above. The typographics are stylish, well placed and the colour palette of the site allows the artwork to be the star. It is a simple site in terms of interactivity, but it doesn’t need any distractions, you want to keep clicking to see all the artwork watch the videos.  This is engaging and has a classy urban feel about it, like the artwork they produce. As an Illustrator/Designer, I can really appreciate the work that’s gone into the artworks and the continuity across the website that fits them with the brand they have created.

The Low Bros also address current topics in their work, which hint to future developments. Their documentation of the youth culture of the 80s and 90s is intended to conserve a former way of life

The work of the artist duo is fueled by the complex interaction between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality: It is the synergy of geometric and flowing organic shapes, cubic effects, expressive colour grids and multifaceted patterns that brings their work to life.

To view the Low Bros website, click here.

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