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Mummy Cooks

Mummy Cooks – Brilliantly Fresh

Mummy Cooks is a new startup and has launched with a brilliant fresh looking website which really meets its audience.  The language is very personal and tells a story which is immediately endearing to its audience.

The layout of each page is clear and the content well written.  There are lots of recipes to choose from and a blog that is rich and interesting.

The e-commerce side of the site for the classes is clear and functions well, the product imagery in the shop is clear and again simple. It is always important with an e-commerce site that it is clear to the audience the journey that they have to take. Online shopping is supposed to be an easy solution for buyers, and this website sticks closely to that brief.

The thing that really stands out for us with this website is its simplicity. The site is uncluttered with no adverts popping up every wear, it doesn’t need to shout buy me, it is subtle and a pleasure to navigate around.  A great example to be followed.

To view the Mummy Cooks website, click here.

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