Happy Forecast – Website of the Week

Happy Forecast

Happy Forecast – Presentation & Functionality

This week number one is ‘Happy Forecast’. The functionality and presentation of said functionality is what sets this site apart, and in our eyes, makes it worthy of our Website of the Week award. Straight from loading the site, you select an area on the map and it opens and shows the stats of social wellbeing in that area.

 Professor Dacher Keltner used a technique called ‘Jen Ratio’ which measures social well being in social spaces, it then calculates the total number of the various interactions, the resulting value predicts whether a particular place will contribute to our happiness positivity in the long term.

Interactive and stunning graphics bring the concept to life.  The research took place in 119 postcodes of London where observers noted every Dacher micro-interactions within the public spaces like positive and negative body language, sounds act of aggression and kindness etc.

 I liked the simple look and feel of this interactive ‘Info Graphic’ the content illustrates this social experiment beautifully, I was left wanting to know more information, fortunately they give you a link to learn more about this area of social science.

To view the Happy Forecast website, click here.

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