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Eve Mattress

Eve Mattress – The Journey

I came across this website whilst researching for another client in a similar industry. Initially, it looked like a lot of the standard websites out there, but they put a social media tracking code on the site and two days later the advert appeared on my Facebook feed. I was in a different frame of mind that time, so started to read more and look through the site.

What stood out for me is the passion about their product, and how the journey of the product development and company was delivered through the site. They have clearly spent time on design and UX, but it’s not obvious and very subtle. So if we take the premise that “A great website should want you to come back” without Facebook, I probably would have never have looked at the site or remembered the brand but after really looking at the site a second time I am now writing about how good it is. More importantly when I eventually come round to changing my mattress I’ll remember the site, so it has to win this week.

To view the Eve Mattress website, click here.

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